Revell 03342 German Leopard 2 A6M+ (1:35 Scale) Model Kit

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Product Description

The 1:35 scale Leopard 2A6M+ is a highly detailed model kit that allows even very experienced modelers to build an incredibly accurate replica of the main battle tank. With its 250 pieces, this kit is a must for anyone interested in German tanks or military history. The 2A6M+ variant is equipped with mine protection, decoupled commander and loader seats and a modified exit hatch.

  • Finely detailed surface structures with anti-slip coating
  • Two-piece chain, bent, even more authentic
  • Current smoke bomb system (6+2)
  • Rotating tower
  • Elevating cannon
  • Tower hatches can be displayed open
  • UltraCap, outboard intercom station at the stern, tow rope guide and handgun mounts on the turret roof