Revell 01212 Bandai Star Wars Tie Interceptor (1:72 Scale) Model Kit

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Product Description

Build your Galactic Fleet - Bandai Star Wars TIE Interceptor model kit 1:72

Bring the allure of the Star Wars universe to life with the exquisite Bandai Star Wars TIE Interceptor 1:72 scale model kit. The TIE Interceptor, known for its speed and agility, now appears in all its glory as a precisely recreated model. This set not only offers a fun building challenge, but also a source of endless joy for collectors and enthusiasts.

Scope of delivery:

  • Extensive selection of highly detailed parts for precise assembly
  • Clear parts provide insights into the interior and add authenticity
  • Realistic laser beams made from green clear parts for an impressive look
  • Pilot figure for a lively representation of the model
  • Stable display stand for stylish presentation of the finished model

Whether you are an aspiring model builder or have extensive experience, this kit is suitable for beginners and experts alike. The resulting model is perfect for exhibitions, role-playing games or as an impressive collector's item. For anyone who shares the fascination with Star Wars, this kit offers an exciting opportunity to experience the galaxy from a new perspective.

This model kit stands out thanks to its innovative details. The clear parts allow insights into the interior of the Interceptor and give the model an authentic touch. The laser beams from green clear parts add a realistic accent. The included pilot figure gives the model dynamism and character. Officially licensed by Bandai and Star Wars, this kit is an essential addition to any collection.

Background information:
The TIE Interceptor was a central element in the Galactic Empire's arsenal. As a light interceptor, it was feared for its agility and speed. The miniature version of this iconic spaceship brings to life the epic battles of the galaxy far, far away. Immerse yourself in the history of the Star Wars universe as you tackle this masterful model building project.

  • Scale: 1:72
  • Age recommendation: 13+
  • Length: 102mm
  • Width: 102mm
  • Height: 102mm