Realtrack RT156-422 Class 156 Northern Midnight Blue Livery 2 Car DMU

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  • 57440 Driving Motor Second DMS (No Toilet) (Motorised on this model)
  • 52440 Driving Motor Second Lavatory DMSL (Toilet) (Motorised on the model)
  • Northern Blue Seating, Fitted Toilet, Drivers cab detailing, Independant Cab Lights, Operational door lights (On DCC Only),
  • Bi Directional Lighting, Carriage lighting, High Specification Underframe, Low Profile motor giving a fully detailed interior.
  • Northern Livery, BSI Couplings, Stainless exhaust cover & full HSE Labelling
  • on bodyshell & underfloor,
  • High specification paint finish & Decals.
  • Motorised in both cars (As per the prototype) on the rear bogies, fitted with a Low profile, micro geared drive system which allows
  • for a high level of underfloor and interior detailing.
  • This model is designed for 2nd Radius 438mm, damage will be caused if run on 1st Radius due to scale clearance between the
  • bogies and the chassis. 'Repairing this damage is chargeable'. (Set Track Points are 1st Radius).
  • Destinations: Sheffield-Hull