Ratio GJ03 4 x Single Door Panels

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  • OO Gauge Scale
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Product Description

These useful modular building components were originally produced and retailed by Parkside Dundas, and were acquired by us when we bought the Parkside range. Knowing where to place them within our ranges was tricky, but we eventually decided they probably fitted best in the Ratio family, but we have kept the recognisable "Grand Junction" sub-brand and catalogue reference numbers.

The individual parts interlock into whatever formation the modeller desires, and include wall panels, window panels, door panels and end panels. The kits actually replicate what the old London & North Western Railway did in real life, as they used standard parts to create a building suitable for a particular location. The picture below is an example of the type of building that can be created using these parts, although it must be stressed that for the moment modellers will have to scratch build their own canopy and roof, or adapt one from another kit. But it shows what can be achieved, and the resulting building is certainly attractive. And yes, the colours used to finish the model are authentic!