Ratio 546 Traversing Crane Kit

  • 546
  • Ratio
  • OO Gauge Scale
Traversing Crane
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Product Description

From the late 1960's the spread of shipping containers revolutionised the transport of goods. On the railways marshalling yards gave way to intermodal depots as containers are transferred between ships, trains and road vehicles. The Rolling Underframe kit (Ref 546A) can be added to transform this unit into a movable crane. Supplied with pre-coloured parts although painting and/or weathering can add realism (See the Pecoscene Weathering Powder range PS-360 - 365); glue is required to complete this model. Footprint; Sides 61mm wide X 125mm High, Span 153mm

Technical Specification:

  • Length: 61mm
  • Width: 153mm