Rapido Trains UK 905501 Class 28 D5709 Plain BR Green - DCC SOUND

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Product Description

Metropolitan Vickers’ Type 2 design incorporated a number of unusual features, from its Crossley two-stroke diesel engine to its unique five-axle wheel arrangement.

It was a stylish design too, with its wraparound windscreens.

Sadly, the design failed to live up to expectations and although the class was heavily re-built in 1961, BR decided to rid itself of these problematic locomotives and withdrew the fleet in 1968.

Prototype Factfile Built: 1958/1959 (20 built) How long did they last? All 20 had been withdrawn by the end of 1968. D5705 was retained for Departmental duties until 1985. Where did they work? Initially used on ‘Condor’ container services, they were relegated to local duties around north-west England. Can I see one? D5705 is under long-term restoration at the East Lancashire Railway.

Here’s the specification of our ‘N’ gauge model:

  • Designed from original works drawings
  • Post-1961 flat screen version
  • Next18 decoder socket
  • Quality mechanism
  • Directional lighting
  • Accurately applied liveries down to minute detail differences
  • NEM coupler pockets