Rapido Trains Inc. 083702 HO F40PHM-2: Metra - Blue Scheme: #192 Diesel Locomotive - DCC Sound

HO F40PHM-2: Metra - Blue Scheme: #192 Diesel Locomotive - DCC Sound
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Ready to fall in love with an F40? Despite being responsible for sidelining the fan favorite ex-BN E9s, the F40PHM-2s have created a similarly iconic look for themselves hauling commuters in the Windy City for the past 30 years. Nicknamed “Winnebagos” for their similar appearance to the venerable recreational vehicle, these were the last 30 F40PHs that Metra ordered new, in 1991. Towards the end of 2016, the first F40PHM-2s were sent out to Progress Rail for rebuilding and application of the new faded scheme that was already applied to the MP36s and older 100-series F40PHs. Of the 30 locos, only one has been retired on account of a wreck off-line.

The F40PHM-2s were delivered with the standard Metra/RTA features: Nathan P5a horn, Dual Gyralite with clear and red targets, ditch lights, dual rooftop air conditioners and Stratolites and pilot plows. The locos that returned from rebuild featured a redesigned cab door window, front snowplow, single rooftop APU strobe, PTC antenna arrays and the new faded scheme. Rapido aims to capture the look and sound of this iconic locomotive that has brought Chicagoans to and from work for the last 30 years! But wait......we can’t forget 211! One F40PHM-2 received a special CB&Q-inspired heritage scheme in 2019, which we are proud to include on the first run!

The Rapido Trains HO scale Metra F40PHM-2 Locomotive features:

  • Correct “Winnebago” style front
  • Dual rooftop air conditioners
  • Extensive, separate underbody piping, conduit and wire grab irons
  • Working head lights, marker lights and backup light
  • Working Gyralite
  • Stratolite or strobe light where appropriate
  • Working ditch lights
  • Separate, factory-applied wire grab irons
  • PTC Antenna Array where appropriate
  • See-through, etched-metal radiator grills and dynamic brake grills
  • Full cab interior painted in correct colors
  • Accurate fuel tank profile and exhaust silencer
  • Correct pilot plow or snow plow per model
  • Sound-equipped models feature a custom ESU LokSound V5 decoder
  • Will operate smoothly on DC and DCC layouts
  • Rapido’s improved 5-pole, skew-wound motor and silky-smooth drive