Rails Connect RPM-UB.1 Point Motor (with mounting plate) - Single Pack

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Product Description

Rails Connect Point Motors - A range of super high quality analogue and digital solenoid point motors designed with you in mind!

Crafted for Rails by DCCconcepts.


  • Stainless Steel frames - being in Sheffield, what else would we use?
  • 8 screw mounting points to give ultimate flexibility and ease of installation
  • Fits directly to the point with 6 legs that can connect to OO/HO and N points
  • Pre-wired, stripped and tinned - no soldering needed!
  • Extension pin included

Dimensions (measured at widest points including connection lugs):

  • Length = 37mm
  • Width = 30mm
  • Depth = 25mm (not including pin)
  • Extension Pin = 30mm