Peco ST-725 ST725 Setrack O Gauge Bull-Head 2nd Radius Standard Curve

  • ST-725
  • Peco
  • O Gauge Scale
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Product Description

Peco Setrack Bullhead 0 Gauge track makes it possible have somewhere to run trains without having to build or find room for a fixed layout. With Setrack you can lay out your trackwork indoors on the floor or out on the patio in any configuration you choose and pack it away again afterwards. Compatible with and made to the same high standard of detail and realism as the Bullhead Streamline range, it can also be incorporated into a Streamline layout without problems. Made with solid nickel silver rail to the classic bullhead section and check rail are also machined from solid rail. The SL-713 0 Gauge Bullhead to Flat Bottom Transition Track makes it easy to also incorporate the Setrack range into a layout using Flat Bottom track.

Radius: 1028mm Angle: 22.5Deg (16 per circle)

Technical Specification: Frog Angle: 22.5 Degrees Radius: 1028mm