Peco SL-U7082 Streamline HO C70 #8 Left Hand Turnout

  • SL-U7082
  • Peco
  • HO Scale
Streamline HO C70 #8 Left Hand Turnout
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Product Description

Just arriving are these brand new "70 Line" #8 turnouts, complementing the flexible track (SL-7000) and #6 (SL-U7061/7062) already available in this range. Intended for representing the lower rail height used on the older lines, yard tracks, sidings and industrial spurs, these turnouts can also be used alongside the PECO Streamline HO "83 Line" track system.

In this instance modellers can use the SL-115 Transition Track designed to compensate for the change in rail height and thus providing a seamless "transition" from one to the other.

The Unifrog format replaces the erstwhile Insulfrog and Electrofrog format, a combination of both. As supplied the turnout is set up to work like an Insulfrog turnout, but with the connected wire to the independent frog tip the turnout can be operated like an Electrofrog, the wire allowing the switching of the polarity - described as "powering the frog".