Peco SL-U7062 Streamline HO Code 70 #6 turnout - Unifrog Left Hand

  • SL-U7062
  • Peco
  • HO Scale
Streamline HO Code 70 #6 turnout - Unifrog Left Hand
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Product Description

Like the Code 83 line already released and available, this track system is designed to replicate North American railroad track, with correct tie spacing, prototypical rail spikes and geometry in adherence to NMRA technical specifications. The designs are based on official A.R.E.A. (American Railway Engineering Association) drawings. Code 70 rail replicates in HO what would be found on secondary lines, yard tracks and sidings, industrial spurs and other non-mainline locations.
Our Code 70 system can be connected directly to the Code 83 system by using the new SL-115 Transition track, that ensures a smooth transition from one rail type to the other without any noticeable change.