Peco SL-U1294 TT:120 Code 55 Long Crossing

  • SL-U1294
  • Peco
  • TT:120 Scale
TT:120 Code 55 Long Crossing
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Product Description

Use SL-310 metal rail joiners and SL-1208 joining sleepers.

One of the great advantages of TT:120 is that the 12mm gauge track correctly scales out as standard (4' 8.5") gauge, as used all over Britain's railway network. The ingenious rail section of PECO code 55 combines strength and durability with a highly realistic appearance – In TT:120 the visible height of the rail correctly represents 113lb rail, which continues to be widely used on Britain’s railways. The turnouts conform to NEM standards and the medium radius geometry is a close match to British Railways’ B6 standard.