Peco SL-E388F SLE388F Finescale Right Hand Large Point Electrofrog

  • SL-E388F
  • Peco
  • N Gauge Scale
SLE388F Finescale Right Hand Large Point Electrofrog
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Product Description

The clever geometry of this range enables the modeller to easily create convenient, complex and aesthetically satisfying track formations using combinations of small, medium and large radius turnouts and crossings. Layout plans suggestions can be found in our publications ‘Track Plans for Layouts to Suit all Locations’ (Ref PM-202), ‘60 Plans for Small Railways’ (Ref no PB-3), ‘N Gauge Track Plans’ (Ref no PB-4) and ‘Track Plans for Various Locations’ (Ref no PB-66).

Despite a low visible rail height of just 1.4mm, all brands of N Gauge model locomotives will run on this track. For more details on Electrofrog turnouts, see our Wiring the Layout publications Nos 4 and 21

Technical Specification:

  • Length: 164mm
  • Frog Angle: 10 Degrees
  • Radius: 914mm