Peco SL702FBSINGLE 1 Yard O Gauge Code 143 Flexi Track Concrete Sleeper (Ties) Flat Bottom - Single

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Product Description

This new track complements the existing SL-700FB flexible track with wooden sleepers (ties) and the right and left hand Code 143 turnouts SL-E791FB and SL-792FB.

The detail on the sleeper base moulding is extremely accurate, with clear and fine detail of the Pandrol-style rail clip and the subtle angled profile of the sleeper itself. Each length of track is 3 feet (914mm) in length and features nickel silver rail.

Code 143 track components are connected together using the SL-710FB metal rail joiners (and the SL-711FB insulated joiners for the Electrofrog turnouts). But of course there is also a parallel range of bullhead track in O scale too, and just like the real railway, these two rail profiles need to be connected somehow. For us the solution is to use the SL-713 PECO Streamline O Transition Track.

So all-in-all the new O scale track offering is pretty comprehensive now, and with the growth in O scale modelling, especially as new diesel-era models are so easily available now, this new flexible track is perfect for the modelling period commonly referred to as "modern image".