Peco SL-1140 Code 75 SL1140 Streamline OO Bullhead Buffer Stop (2)

  • SL-1140
  • Peco
  • OO Gauge Scale
SL-1140 Streamline OO Bullhead Buffer Stop (2)
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Product Description

Designed to clip onto the bullhead rail profile, this easy-to-assemble kit will be simplicity itself to install. Everyone needs buffer stops! And with the release of our new Bullhead range it was a good opportunity to update our range of buffer stops with this new kit. Most buffer stops of the period prior to the 1970s were constructed from spare bullhead rail and these new mouldings contain plenty of detail such as bolt heads and the bullhead profile of the rail. The design has also accounted for the option of an alternative buffer for EM gauge.

There are enough parts in the kit for two buffer stops.