Peco PL-55 Turntable Motor

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Product Description

Requires 12v DC 2 amp supply, the Peco PL-202 is the required power supply to use with this.

Non-indexing turnatable motor (which means that there are no pre-set or programmable settings) means that the modeller can simply line up the deck against the exit or entrance road by eye, and the controls allow for small adjustments should things not align perfectly. This gives the modeller ultimate flexibility and control, and means that existing turntables on layouts can easily accommodate the new motor without any major track re-laying exercise! Power has to be provided from an independent 12vDC 2 amp supply, but other than that everything needed is included. Operating the motor is straightforward: you press and hold either of the clockwise or anti-clockwise buttons to rotate the deck and release the button when you wish to stop.

This turntable motor can be fitted to all existing PECO turntable kits, listed below (N, OO/HO, O-16.5, SM-32, HOm). Instructions on fitting and use are included.

OO Gauge LK-55 Turntable Well type

N Gauge NB-55 Turntable Kit

0-16.5/ON30 LK-555 Turntable Kit

HO Gauge LK-1455 Turntable