Peco NR-5002S 9ft 5 plank open wagon, SR, brown No.9604

  • NR-5002S
  • Peco
  • N Gauge Scale
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Product Description

This new product NR-5002S replaces NR-40S.

Here is a reminder as to what makes these new models so different from our original wagons.

  • Scale 9 foot wheelbase
  • Brand new, finely-detailed moulding
  • Finely printed text and art work, including on the wagons ends as appropriate
  • Interior details
  • New end door variant
  • Metal-tyred disc or spoked wheels
  • NEM355 coupling pocket
  • Finely-detailed brake rigging with shoes in-line with the wheels
  • Body-coloured sole bars where appropriate
  • Huge variety of company and private owner liveries