Peco LK-715 Signal Box with Brick Base Kit

  • LK-715
  • Peco
  • O Gauge Scale
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Product Description

A signal box is possibly one of the most appealing structures on a railway, a building that is easily recognisable and unique, and one that has a clear purpose, that of keep the railway safe. Peco are pleased to advise the arrival of this brand new kit into their growing O Gauge Lineside kit range, representing as it does a generic style of box with a brick base and wooden cabin structure on top, plus the necessary steps leading up from the ground. This is a "mixed-media" kit, meaning that the top half is produced as a plastic injection moulding, and the brick base of laser-cut wooden parts, all coming together to create this wonderfully characterful structure. Provision has also been made to include a brick chimney breast at the back of the box. With a footprint of 133 x 69mm this is still a remarkably compact building and will undoubtedly find a place on most O gauge layouts.