Peco GR-560 Ffestiniog 'Bug Box' Zoo Car Coach, FR Victorian Plum & Cream

  • GR-560
  • Peco
  • OO9 Scale
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These 4-wheeled coaches were built in 1864 by Brown Marshall & Co of Birmingham for the Ffestiniog Railway. They are known officially as ‘Small Birminghams’, but more commonly referred to as ‘Bug Boxes’ due to their diminutive size. This intricate livery is their original colour scheme and has been authentically replicated in miniature with consultation from the experts that maintain and restore the prototypes on the Ffestiniog Railway, down to matching the correct shade of paint and applying detail differences such as the addition of oil lamp vents on the roof and there being fewer windows on the 3rd class variant. The Bug Boxes still see regular use during special events on the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways as part of the Victorian train.