Peco GR-451A L&B Centre Observation Coach S.R. no. 2466

  • GR-451A
  • Peco
  • OO9 Scale
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GR451A The railway acquired four of these vehicles, numbered 7 to 10 (Southern Railway nos. 2465 to 2468), and our model represents no. 7 in the Lynton & Barnstaple livery, and no. 2466 in Southern Railway livery. No. 7 is actually preserved, at the heritage Lynton & Barnstaple Railway at Woody Bay, North Devon.

Our models faithfully represent the prototypes, including the partitioned interiors with their open centre section. Goodness knows what it would have been like during a squally shower coming off the Bristol Channel! Wet and uncomfortable, we presume!

Fully decorated, and printed, the models include the standard OO-9 coupler, which is fitted into a NEM pocket.