Gaugemaster GM471 Parking Meters 6pcs (Pre-Built) - OO Gauge

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1958 saw the first parking meter installed in London on 10th July with a charge of 6d. Since then, they appeared around the length and breadth of Britain, taking charges for parking. There were over 750,000 installed around the UK, and the design was replicated around the world. They were placed adjacent to a parking spot and once activated allowed the vehicle parked in the related space to remain there for the desired period. Later in their lives, they were replaced by the Pay and Display machine.


This pack contains six parking meters made from photopolymer resin. They are pre-painted and can be planted onto your models straight from the pack.


  • PAINT FINISH Pristine
  • LENGTH 2mm
  • DEPTH 3mm
  • HEIGHT 21mm