Oxford Rail OR76N7001-PO Pre-Owned GER K85 (N7) 0-6-2 No.1002 Steam Locomotive

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Pre-Owned Item, in excellent condition.
Test Run. Box slightly tired.

The N7 locomotive was designed in 1915 by Alfred John Hill and a total of 134 locomotives were built between five different works between 1915 and 1928. 20 locomotives were built at the Stratford Works, 40 at the Gorton Works, 20 at the Robert Stephenson & Company, 20 at the William Beardmore & Company and the final 32 were built at the Doncaster Works. These locomotives lasted until 1957 where the withdrawral of the class started with the final one withdrawn in 1962. One of these locomotives survived in preservation and lives on static display at the East Anglian Railway Museum.


  • Smooth Running 5 Pole motor
  • Pick ups on all drive wheels
  • Pick ups on front and rear wheel sets
  • High definition livery specification
  • Separately fitted detail components
  • Motor Gearing to reflect scale speed operation
  • Highly detailed cab interior
  • NEM Couplings


  • LENGTH 213mm