ModelMaker MM018 Dual-Grit Sanding Sticks (x10)

Dual-Grit Sanding Sticks (x10)
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Product Description

These flexible dual-grit sanding sticks are ideal for preparatory as well as finishing work on plastic, resins and wood. They can be cut to size to suit the most intricate tasks. The sticks come with coarse 80 grit on one side and fine 240 grit on the other.

  • Preparatory and finishing work on plastics, resins & wood
  • Grits: 80 Coarse & 240 Fine
  • These flexible sticks can be used wet or dry and can be cut to size to suit the task in hand
  • Length 170mm; Width tapered 13mm to 10mm
  • For model making, craft & smaller DIY tasks