Minitrix 66570 Turntable With 8 Roads

  • 66570
  • Minitrix
  • N Gauge Scale
Turntable With 8 Roads
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Product Description

This is a standard design turntable with a 21 meter / 68 foot 3 inch deck length. An example of it is still preserved in Tuttlingen.

The model is designed for sunken installation on a layout baseboard. It has 8 spoke tracks on the outer edge of the turntable pit. It can be expanded to 24 spoke tracks with the 66571 edge segments that can be snapped onto the turntable pit. The turntable has extensive detailing and prototypical paintwork. It is operated by remote control using a controller included with it. It has a powerful electric motor for a drive mechanism. There is automatic shutoff of power to all tracks not lined up and in contact with the turntable deck.

The installation depth when the wires are connected directly to the turntable is approximately 30 mm / 1-3/16"". When plugs are used with the wires, the depth is approximately 50 mm / 2"". The deck length is 132 mm, This means locomotives with a wheelbase including flanges (not "length over the buffers") of 130 mm can be turned.

  • DIAMETER 170mm
  • DECK LENGTH 132mm