Matador - MAKER E318 Wooden Construction Kit

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Product Description

Build your own Matador Harley and cruise through the countryside, hammer on your crane and load the lorry you constructed yourself, or just build according to your imagination! Nothing is as beneficial for a child’s healthy development as being able to play freely and animatedly. The Matador Explorer E318 with its 318 parts incl. tools and building manual, inspires our children’s imagination and to think in three dimensions.

MATADOR Explorer wood construction sets are unique worldwide in allowing children to develop and implement their imagination and ideas. Thanks to the wood’s singular accuracy of fit, these sets fulfil the requirement for both simple and complex models. Blocks drilled to precision, perfectly fitting linking pins, axles and wheels – a variety of construction options which have fascinated young and old for generations. Using the Matador hammer, not only simple models such as airplanes, cars, figurines, but also more complicated and technically advanced and entire Matador landscapes can be built.
Thanks to the tried and tested expansion sets such as cogs and motor, MATADOR Explorer construction sets are sophisticated ‘toys’ with which children can learn to combine theory and practice throughout their development phase. Six different main sets in various sizes (ranging from 99 to 902 parts) and smart extension sets offer endless construction possibilities.



  • from 5 years
  • stable and durable
  • 100% Austrian wood, 100% Made in Austria
  • Building functional models
  • Build with hammer and pliers
  • Contents: all parts of the E222 + 96 parts = 318 parts
  • Included tools: hammer, pliers
  • Template book: Building instructions with 71 building ideas
  • Item No .: 11318
  • EAN: 9007102113189
  • Size: 383 x 95 x 255 mm
  • Weight: 1.05 kg