Liliput L133042 Motordraisine, VT 95 STB, rot, Ep.VI

Motordraisine, VT 95 STB, rot, Ep.VI
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VT 95 motor drain of the STB, red, epoch VI

The STB VT 95 (Steyr Valley Railway) was changed from the X 626.217 motor car to narrow gauge in 2015 and has been operating in the colors of the old DB rail buses on the Steyr Valley Railway ever since. We think it cuts a good figure in this design, but also as a standard gauge version!

Motor drain, VT 95 (formerly X 626.217) from STB
- Operating status in 2018
- Medium buffer imitation
- coupling hook
- Coupling rods are included
- LüP 61 mm.