L60226 LGB Central Station 3 CS3

  • L60226
  • LGB
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LGB Central Station 3 CS3
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Product Description

The Central Station 3, as a multi-protocol control device with its high-resolution, modern color touchscreen, the 2 speed controllers and the integrated central track diagram control panel, offers the possibility of simply and conveniently controlling the locomotives and the entire system. Up to 32 functions can be switched on locomotives, up to 320 Motorola or 2048 DCC solenoid items are possible for accessories.

The Central Station 3 also has 2 built-in locomotive card readers (for storing locomotive data on a locomotive card or for quickly calling up the locomotive by inserting the locomotive card), an SD card slot for memory expansion and an integrated loudspeaker for playing back typical model railroad noises. A powerful booster is integrated to supply the system with traction and switching power.


  • Digital multi-protocol control unit (mfx, mfx +, DCC, Motorola).
  • High resolution, modern color touchscreen.
  • Integrated, central track diagram control panel.
  • Housing with central stop button and 2 rotary controls in robust industrial quality.
  • Up to 32 switchable locomotive functions.
  • 2 built-in locomotive card readers.
  • Integrated loudspeaker.
  • Built-in SD card slot.
  • Integrated powerful booster.
  • 5.0 A max.output power when using switching network 60101 / L51095 (recommended for track 1 or LGB).
  • Up to 320 Motorola and 2048 DCC solenoid accessories can be controlled.
  • Route control (including shuttle train control).
  • 2 USB hosts for e.g. mouse, keyboard, USB stick etc. and 1 USB charging socket.
  • Direct connection for 2 mobile stations and a bus expansion device.
  • Connections for e.g. network, external loudspeakers, Märklin bus.
  • Extensions can be connected using the Märklin bus.