Legacy Models LML-SWBN 4mm Scale Swan-Neck Wall Lamps – Brown (2 pack)

4mm Scale Swan-Neck Wall Lamps – Brown (2 pack)
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Product Description

Super-high quality LED 4mm scale swan-neck wall lamps in Brown (2 pack)

Pack Contents

  • 2x 4mm scale wall lamps with 200mm connection wires
  • 2x Resistor boards – suitable for connection to regulated DC power 6-12V

Installation Advice
Using a very small drill, drill the building wall to allow insertion of the fine wires. Use glue to fix the lamp to the building.
The longer of the 2 wires is the + lead. Connect your power supply to the resistor board and then try the lamp with each of the resistor values to select your preferred light level.
Alternatively, if a different level is wanted, you may also use any other value 1/4 watt resistor as long as it is larger than 1k Ohms.
Connect several lamps (up to 6) to one resistor board if you wish.
You can also connect Legacy Skyline Lamps to an Alpha Mimic DCC control board if you wish. Follow the instructions supplied with the Alpha Mimic Building Lighting for this type of installation.

Recommended Power Supply – DCP-PS12