Kestrel GMKD87 Modern Grit Boxes 3pcs (Pre-Built)

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Product Description

Grit bins, also known as salt bins, are used to hold large quantities of a grit and salt mixture. This mixture is used to help prevent the build up of snow and ice in colder weather. The bins can be found anywhere around, as they are used by railway authorities as well as council authorities on high traffic areas. The mixture is usually spread by manual means, making sure all pedestrians and vehicles have a slip free day.

This pack contains three modern yellow grit boxes made from photopolymer resin. They are pre-painted and can be planted onto your models straight from the pack.

  • ERA Steam, Diesel, and Modern
  • PAINT FINISH Pristine

  • LENGTH 9mm
  • DEPTH 5mm
  • HEIGHT 5.5mm