Kato K5302 JR Oha 12 Coach

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JR Oha 12 Coach
JR Oha 12 Coach
JR Oha 12 Coach
JR Oha 12 Coach
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Product Description

5302 Oha 12 JNR Specification We will fully commercialize the 12 types of JNR's new passenger cars. The 12 series passenger cars are express type passenger cars corresponding to the maximum speed of 110 km / h, manufactured between 1969 and 53 (1978). Under the floor equipped with air conditioning equipped with diesel generator feed, the equipment that rivaled those of trains and diesels at the time, became the basis of the new passenger cars of the 14th series and later that appeared later. The trains were initially operated as temporary trains and Osaka World Expo Transport, and later also as regular express trains, and activities were seen throughout the country except Hokkaido. In the later years, it will be used variously, such as remodeling to commuter type and remodeling to Joyfull train, and you can see the figure active as a passenger car for the wave. Pursuing differences in form that can be seen in each stand, you can enjoy the more realistic 12 series passenger cars. Organization consisting of only 12 series, of course, combined with your existing luggage train and 24 series passenger cars, it is one of the ways to enjoy the reproduction of the old rapid trains in combination. Main features -A car belonging to the West Japan area around 1980 (1980) is a prototype. Without JR mark, there is a band at the customer door and the front through door, and the toilet is reproduced in the form of a sink pipe. · The 6-car set is a prototype of 0 series. Reinforcement of the roof, speedless vehicle front end no tail light, slit type cooler, small size of the air intake of the shaff 12, reproduce the form without the front door side of the OH 12 front side only in the 1-3rd side. -Single item OHA 12 is a late type, SHAFF 12 is a prototype in the 100s initial model. There is no roof reinforcement, there is a quick and slow vehicle front end face and tail light, and the soft room side through-door window has no pressing edge, mesh type cooler, large-sized air inlet of SHAFF 12 and has both sides, front side of OH12 Reproduced in the form with a through door. · Each rubber is reproduced in gray with each car. · Shufu 12 / Ohafu 13 of 6-car set reproduces a jumper plug with another part. -Reproduce the side door work. · We reproduce characteristic blue body painting and two white belts. · Snap on trolley adoption. -Tail light of slow speed room side of shaff 12 / ohough 13 (with light off switch). · Shef 12 and Ohaf 13 in the 6-car set, the head part of the slow room on the soft room side of the single item of the Shaff 12 is equipped with a body mount type Arnold coupler, and the middle connection part of each vehicle is equipped with a close self-aligned body mount coupler. 6-car set and single item shaff 12 are replacement knuckle couplers and top self-contained couplers. · Shuf 12 and Ohaf 13 in the 6-car set, the front top frame of the head part of the speed room on the slow room 12 side of the single item is reproduced in silver. Also included are parts that can reproduce the front hood. It can be removed if necessary. · The destination indication sticker is attached to the 6-car set and the single item SHAF12. Contains different content. -A six-car set bookcase can store one 12-car train, as well as one locomotive for traction. Optional option ? LED room light clear Part number: 11-211 ? LED room light clear (for 6 cars) Part number: 11-212 ? Magnematic coupler MT-10 Product number: 11-711