Kato 10-1469 JR E235 Series Yamanote Line EMU 4 Car Add on Set

  • 10-1469
  • Kato
  • N Gauge Scale
JR E235 Series Yamanote Line EMU 4 Car Add on Set
JR E235 Series Yamanote Line EMU 4 Car Add on Set
JR E235 Series Yamanote Line EMU 4 Car Add on Set
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10-1469 E235 series Yamanote Line extension set A (4 cars) The E235 series, which began to be active as a new generation commuter train with a large front window, a display, and a distinctive exterior design, received much attention from the public. We plan to replace all existing E231-series 500s by the spring of 2020, when the Tokyo Olympics will be held, and are expected to be active as a new standard for JR East's commuter trains. N Gauge Starter Set E235 Series The Yamanote Line is the KATO's N Gauge Total Set that packages the popular E235 Yamanote Line! It adopts the "Power Pack Standard SX" of high output (1.2A) that also supports long organization, Recommended for those who can start a railway model for the first time! Main features ? The Toe 03 organization, which started operations in May 2017, is a prototype. ? In addition to the distinctive foremost part, the newly installed AU 737 cooler, and the pantograph, it accurately reproduces a form different from mass production leading vehicles such as roof top equipment. ? The delicate gradation of the line color yellow-green color on the front and the door is accurately reproduced. ? In pursuit of a more realistic front with a cab see-through. ? Includes Saha E235-4600 series diverted from E231 series 500 series. An antenna pedestal is added for diversion, and the figure where the cooler was aligned with other E235 series is reproduced. ? Head / tail light, front display, turn number indicator lights. We adopt white LED. The headlights reproduce the condition that looks white even when the lights are off. ? “0913G” and “Yamanote Line” have been printed on the front and side views. Front display "Shinagawa / Tokyo area" "Ikebukuro / Ueno area" for exchange is attached. ? All cars have wheelchair marks, stroller marks and emergency doorcock printed. ? The motive power is equipped with a proven power unit with a flywheel. ? The coupler uses a body mount tight coupler (new type). ? DCC friendly. ? The basic set of vehicles can be stored in the bookcase of the additional set A. ? N gauge starter set E235 series Yamanote line · Set vehicle, select the popular E235 series Yamanote line. · We run smoothly by adoption of curve track R315 of margin! -The power pack of the set adopts "Power pack standard SX" and "AC adapter for exclusive use of starter set" of high output (1.2A) corresponding to long organization. · A variety of track development is possible by adding the unitrack “V track set series”! · The plan variation guide enclosed in the set is a treasure trove of track plans. You can enjoy more evolved system development. · Common package size with M1 master set (size width 390mm × height 355mm × depth 110mm) · There is a secret pocket in the package, and it stores the case of the vehicle set and the track etc. which were purchased later can. Set configuration · E235 series Yamanote line Basic set (4 cars) Kuha E234-3 + Moha E235-8 (M) + Saha E235-4603 + Kuha E235-3 · Yellowish green of the line color colored on the front and the door , Precise reproduction of delicate gradations. -Head / tail lights on. · Power pack standard SX × 1, AC adapter for starter set × 1 · Unitrack (equivalent to master series (M1), size 1337mm × 677mm) ·Relalar × 1 (with unifyer), straight line 248mm × 4, Straight line 62 mm × 1, Curved line R 315-45 × 8, Straight line 124 mm × 1, Crossing line 124 mm × 1, Feeder line 62 mm · Quick start guide (Instruction) · Plan variation guide Optional option ? LED room light clear Part number: 11-211 ? LED room light clear (for 6 cars) Part number: 11-212