Kato 3-105 Unitrack (HM1) R670 Endless Track Master Set

  • 3-105
  • Kato
  • HO Gauge Scale
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Product Description

HO Unitrack and power pack as a basic starter set enabling you to enjoy your existing HO or OO scale model railways. As the track and power supply are included in the set, all you have to do is provide your own locomotive & rolling stock, and away you go. The controller included in this set is the renowned ""Power Pack Standard SX"" with the HO power supply so you can enjoy driving and lighting in high quality. As the radius of the curved track is 670mm, not only KATO products but also most OO and HO locomotives and rolling stock can run happily too.


  • 6 x Straight Track S246
  • 1 x Feeder Track S246F
  • 1 x Straight Track S123
  • 1 x Railer Track S123RE
  • 16 x Curved Track R670-22.5°
  • 1 x Railer
  • 1 x SX Controller/Power Supply