Kato 23-437C Diotown High Rise Building Fifth Avenue Beige (Pre-Built)

  • 23-437C
  • Kato
  • N Gauge Scale
Diotown High Rise Building Fifth Avenue Beige (Pre-Built)
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Product Description

1:150 Scale model of a high rise building produced in the Kato Diotown Series. These buildings are pre-built and pre-coloured ready to be placed on your model.

  • Pre-Built Model
  • Pre-Coloured
  • 1 x Diotown High Rise Building
  • Even small details such as the pipework, wiring, and ducts on the back and sides of the buildings as well as the air ducts on the roof are recreated realistically.
  • The entrance, signboards, and shop windows are all depicted with stickers, which are already attached. The images on the stickers are new.
  • If the center of the building is illuminated with a strong source of light from below, the entire structure can easily be lit up.