22-082 Kato AC/DC N Scale Power Supply For SX Controller

Kato AC/DC N Scale Power Supply For SX Controller
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Product Description

Kato AC/DC N Scale Power Supply for SX Controller.

Kato will commercialize an AC adapter that supplies power to a new generation of control devices. Power Pack It is an indispensable item to supply power to the standard SX and power connector anywhere. Two types are available for N gauge and HO gauge depending on the difference in output and can be used according to the application.

This product is a power pack standard SX, a power adapter required when using the power connector anywhere. It can also be used for repairing and replacing the power pack adapter of the existing product, and for power up.

Operating at maximum output using the AC adapter for HO may damage the product of the vehicle (electrical specifications of other companies' products, derailment due to excessive speed, etc.) Check the writing and specifications, etc., and be careful with the operation.