22-018 Kato SX Controller

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Product Description

Designed to control your scale model railroad products and supply power to operate rolling stock, switch turnouts, or to make railroad crossings and signals work.


  • PWM (Pulse Width modulation) method is adopted to control even slow motion of rolling stock and to realize its realistic run.
  • The output power is enhanced to 1.2A and stabilizes the rolling stock’s run.
  • Installed with two-colour LED indicator which is normally lit on green and turns red in case of disorder happening.
  • The position of safety device has now moved from the spot beside the output terminal on the side to the upper centre on the front side.
  • The master control lever is adopted for this controller as well.
  • The turnout switches can be installed on the side for secure connection in this model as well.

The controller requires a separately-sold AC/DC adaptor. For N scale you will need 22-082. For HO scale you will need 22-083.