Kato 20-852 Unitrack (BM1) Basic Oval Track Set w/Controller

  • 20-852
  • Kato
  • N Gauge Scale
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Product Description

20-852 M1 endless line basic set master 1 Even for beginners, it is easy to realize “Easy to understand” and “Easy to buy” layout plans “N-gage Unitrack Line“ Master Series ”! “ Master 1 of the Endless Basic Set with Power Pack that Adopts Curve R 315 that Shinkansen Can Run ” ", A stand variation basic line with endless line basic set" master 2 "combined with plan variation" V line set series "according to the situation, you can freely choose your favorite vehicle afterward. Even train model beginners can extend the layout plan as you desire. N gauge unitrack can be freely expanded from small layout to large layout. Main features ? The Shinkansen can be run by setting the set track to R315! ? The Power Pack is a high-power Power Pack Standard SX compatible with long formations ? The "V Line Set Series" of the Unitrack Line System is used It is possible to expand various track deployments ? By referring to the plan variation guide enclosed in the set, it is possible to enjoy more expansive system deployment! ? There is a secret pocket in the package, which you will purchase later You can store the case of the vehicle set and the track etc. Also, if you remove the tray from where the vehicle was, you can store the track etc. there. ? M1 endless line basic set master 1 · power pack standard SX × 1 set · quick start guide (instructions) · plan variation guide · product contents straight line 248mm × 4, straight line 124mm × 1, relayer line 124mm × 1 , Linear track 62 mm × 1, Feeder line 62 mm, Feeder cord × 1, Curved line R 315-45 × 8, Relailer × 1, Unijoiner × 1, Power pack standard SX × 1, Track cleaning swab × 1 ? M2 Endless line basic set with shunt line master 2 (new size package) , power pack standard SX x 1 set , quick start guide (manual) , plan variation guide , unitrack Relaimer x 1 (Unifyer attached), straight line 248 mm x 10, straight line 62 mm x 1, curved line R 315-45 x 8, straight line 124 mm x 1, crossing line 124 mm x 1, feeder line 62 mm , Linear line 64 mm × 2, curved line R 718-15 × 2, motorized point No. 6 L · R × 1, each point switch × 2