KATO 2-401 Crossing 90 Degree

  • 2-401
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KATO 2-401 Crossing 90 Degree
KATO 2-401 Crossing 90 Degree
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Product Description

The 90 ° cross line (X90) for improving the layout plan will appear on the KATO (HO) unitrack line system, which is well received as the definitive version of the track system with track. This makes it easier to use (HO) Unitrack and extends the scope of layout planning.

The 90 ° cross line is a cross line where two lines cross at right angles to each other.
Since the central part is also energized, it can pass smoothly at low speed.
Endless can be set to a figure of 8, and long run operation can be enjoyed in a small space.
Avoiding steep slopes by using planar crossings instead of grade crossings.
When two units are connected, it will be 60 mm, which is the basic double-track distance of the HO Unitrack.


  • ITEM NUMBER 2-401