Kato 2-321 Unitrack (R1546-11.25) Concrete Sleeper Curved Track (4)

  • 2-321
  • Kato
  • HO Gauge Scale
Unitrack (R1546-11.25) Concrete Sleeper Curved Track (4)
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Product Description

PC sleeper type of HO unitrack track. You can enjoy realistic driving such as tracks with cants on curved sections and large-diameter curved tracks that pursue the realism and stability of the appearance of traveling vehicles entering the curved section. The horizontal part can be connected to the conventional Unitrack, and all points etc. can be used in together.

The HO Unitrack is an assembly-type track with a trackbed for HO gauge that is both realistic and easy to use, fulfilling the desire to ""run HO gauge vehicles easily"". It is the definitive version of the HO gauge track that can be used widely from floor layouts to module layouts to full-scale layouts.

More realistic look and remarkably improved and stability are obtained using the angle of the curve line large radius 125 degrees. Can also be used for 60 mm offset of double line spacing.