Hornby AG9163 Beginners Build-a-Layout Tool Set

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Product Description

Need help with getting started on a model railway layout?

The Hornby Beginners Build-a-Layout Tool Set is the perfect solution and your one stop shop for all the tools you need to create your first layout. Develop your skill set by using the perfect tool kit today.

Tool Set contents include:

  • Snipe Nose Pliers - Great general-purpose pliers for bending metal sheet and wire with their tapered narrow jaws to a fine point, making them really useful for closing crimps in awkward to reach places.
  • Track Pins – Approximately 130 pins for fixing track pieces to a baseboard.
  • Pin Pusher – For pushing track pins in to fix a track piece to a baseboard.
  • Hammer – General purpose hammer for a range of uses.
  • Track Cutters – General purpose cutter for a range of uses. Mainly used to cut track pieces.
  • Flexi Sander/Track Cleaner – General purpose sanding pad. Used to clean tracks to improve electrical contact.