Heljan 8651 Class 86/0 'AL6' Bo-Bo Electric Locomotive BR Blue E3114 with small yellow warning panels and blue bufferbeams

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BR's standard 25kV AC electric locomotive of the 1960s to 1980s was developed using experience gained with the earlier 'AL1' to 'AL5' classes.

Deployed on many duties from 100mph express passenger trains to fast freight, parcels and mail traffic, many '86s' remain in use today both in the UK and overseas.

Heljan's new model looks back at the as-built 'AL6' machines and Class 86/0s of the 1965-80 period and features a number of improvements over Heljan's previous Class 86s.


  • 21 pin DCC interface
  • Working lights
  • NEM couplings
  • Sprung buffers


  • BUILT BY BR Doncaster Works/Vulcan Foundry
  • NUMBER SERIES E3100 -99 , 86001-048
  • SERVICE CAREER 1965 onwards
  • REGION London Midland / Scottish
  • PURPOSE Mixed traffic
  • STATUS IN 2018 Active/preserved (86259, 86101, 86401)


  • LENGTH 235mm