Heljan 2676 Class 26 BR Green unnumbered with small yellow panel (tablet catcher recess)

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Due for release in late-2021, this previously unannounced all-new model features a large number of improvements over the original HELJAN O gauge Class 26 released a decade ago. Unlike that model, Heljan's new BRCW Type 2 has been designed to offer a wide range of detail variations including three different bodyshells depicting locomotives with or without a tablet catcher recess and, for the first time in ‘O’, refurbished ends without headcode discs.

However, perhaps the most exciting development is the first ever ready-to-run model (in any scale) of the legendary Inverness Class 26s with twin headlights, as used in the Far North of Scotland in the 1970s and 1980s.

Dependent on era and livery, models will be delivered with original boiler water tanks in place or with the later style air tanks and distinctive cradle between the bogies. Other detail options will include original or plated-over cab doors, three-piece miniature snowploughs, boiler vent grilles or plates, Inverness-style round radio pods and later NRN radio pods with square cowls.

As required, models will also be supplied with a set of open or folded headcode discs, separately fitted etched metal horn cowl covers and a set of optional Class 26/0 style tapered bogie footsteps allowing customers to tailor their models to individually modified locomotives. As per the full size ‘26s’, one engine room window per side has been designed to be removable for extra ventilation.

Standard features will include sprung buffers, wire handrails, fine etched metal grilles, separately fitted windscreen wipers, sandpipes, bogie and bufferbeam details.

This will be the first British outline ‘O’ gauge model to have ‘plug-and-play’ DCC and sound capability using ESU’s LokSound 5 XL high-power pin decoder.


  • High-performance twin motor with fitted flywheel
  • All-wheel drive and pick-up
  • Separately switchable cab, tail and engine room lights
  • ESU XL pin decoder interface
  • Provision for DCC sound.


  • CLASS 26
  • LIVERY BR Green
  • RUNNING NUMBER Unnumbered
  • COUPLINGS 3-Link
  • PAINT FINISH Pristine


  • LENGTH 359mm