Heljan 2425 Mk2 BSO Network Rail DB977337

Mk2 BSO Network Rail DB977337
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Product Description

Expected Delivery Q1 2024 (Subject to change at Manufacturer's Discretion).

Built between 1964 and 1975, the MK2 coaches were one of the highest number of coaches built for British Railways. These coaches were used all over the country by lots of different operators including Scot Rail, Network SouthEast, BR and even Network Rail.

Seven different classes of coach were made using the MK2 design (MK2, MK2A, MK2B, MK2C, MK2D, MK2E and MK2F), each with their own unique characteristics and additions to the original design.

Other Mk2 Coaches are available to add to your rake of 1960's / 1970's era British Coaches.

A separate Lighting Kit is available to install into this coach.


  • Customer fit sliding or GRP gangway door options to allow MK2/Mk2a variants to be modelled
  • Detailed interiors
  • Separate underframe details
  • Sprung couplings
  • Wire handrails


  • OPERATOR British Rail
  • COUPLINGS Sprung 3-Link
  • PAINT FINISH Pristine


  • LENGTH 457mm