Heljan 19432 GWR Diesel Parcels Railcar BR ‘Express Parcels’ Crimson No. W34W (Grey Roof) - Weathered

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The GWR pioneered the use of diesel railcars for passenger traffic in the 1930s. The most numerous variant was the batch built in 1940-42 with its distinctive angular ‘razor edge’ bodywork. Employed on branch lines and local services, they were the perfect single vehicle passenger train and continued to provide sterling service until replaced by BR DMUs in the early-1960s. This model features separately switchable headlamps, tail lights, saloon and cab lights and a fully detailed interior.


  • Nine separately controlled lighting functions
  • Finely detailed cab interiors
  • Low-profile motor driving all axles
  • Etched metal handrails
  • 21-pin DCC interface
  • DCC Sound Ready
  • Sprung Buffers
  • NEM couplers
  • Robust construction
  • Screw link couplers
  • Super-fine decoration according to period/livery


  • CLASS AEC Diesel Railcar
  • BUILT BY AEC/GWR Swindon Works
  • NUMBER BUILT 14 + 1
  • SERVICE CAREER 1940-1962
  • REGION GWR/BR Western Region
  • PURPOSE Local and branch line passenger/parcels


  • LENGTH 200mm