Heljan 1011 35T 'B' Tank ESSO Black (early)

35T 'B' Tank ESSO Black (early)
35T 'B' Tank ESSO Black (early)
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Product Description

Expected Delivery November 2023 (Subject to change at Manufacturer's Discretion).

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These four wheel tank wagons were often a common sight around freight yards and large oil depots, being shunted around or taken away to depots. They were fitted with bottom discharge outlets and were sometimes fitted with a static steam supply at the discharge point in order to accelerate the flow of the more viscous fluids carried.

This model features many external details, such as sprung buffers, 3-link chain couplings, free rolling wheels, external pipe details and clear livery and owner markings.


  • Sprung Buffers
  • Detailed Body Detail
  • 3-Link Couplings
  • Detailed Chassis
  • Metal Wheels


  • SERVICE CAREER 1950s-1980s
  • REGION All
  • PURPOSE Fuel oil/diesel transport
  • BR TOPS CODE Various


  • LENGTH 120mm