Rapido Trains UK 908017 GWR ‘Iron Mink’ Van No. 168, BPCM grey

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Rapido Trains UK unveils classic Great Western Railway metal bodied van.

The Dia. V6 ‘Iron Mink’ is one of the GWR’s most recognisable designs and now it has been released by Rapido Trains UK! These vehicles, built to a design using a metal underframe, body and roof, totalled some 4000 wagons and were built between 1886 and 1901.

‘Iron Minks’ were also found all over the UK railway network with examples recorded in Inverness! Their metal construction meant that they made ideal gunpowder vans during wartime and some served as such during the First and Second World Wars. 

Withdrawals began in the 1930s and continued through to the mid-1960s. Four survive today.

Our GWR ‘Iron Minks’ boast an impressive spec:

  • Three types of door
  • Three types of brake gear
  • NEM coupling pockets
  • UK designed
  • Two types of end ventilator plus plated over
  • Unlike other Rapido UK wagons, we’re going to produce the ‘Iron Mink’ in liveries carried by similar vans just because they look great!