Scenecraft 44-0119 Lucston Yard Crane

Lucston Yard Crane
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Product Description

Announced as part of our Spring 2021 British Railway Announcements, we are delighted to bring you this addition to our Lucston range with Lucston Yard Crane.

Railways were originally built to move goods rather than people, and the goods yard was the place where in the days before international container traffic, wagons were usually loaded by hand.

A small yard crane such as this would lend a helping hand with heavier items and was a staple feature around yards and warehouses of all sizes, moving finished items from the factory on to horse-drawn carts or motorised flatbed trailers and vans, and then from there into railway wagons and off again to the customer at the other end.


  • OO scale
  • Highly detailed, hand painted model
  • Fully decorated and ready to place on your layout