Graham Farish 377-003 BR Bogie Hopper Wagon BR Departmental Black No. DB992508NE

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Product Description

British Railways operated a dedicated fleet of engineer’s wagons, often designed for specific tasks, in this case that task was the transportation and discharge of ballast. Carrying the name ‘Walrus’, it was a common theme for engineer’s wagons to be given aquatic names – a trend that continues today. Ballast was discharged via the chutes at the bottom of the hopper and these Graham Farish models capture every intricate detail; from the hopper doors to the six separately fitted handwheels that controlled their operation. Added at each end are several separate handrails, whilst underframe steps and other adornments are also included. Finished in BR Departmental Black livery, this wagon will fit nicely into any scene set in the 1950s onwards.


  • Graham Farish N Scale
  • Era 4
  • Pristine BR Departmental Black livery
  • Running No. DB992508NE
  • Accessory Pack
  • NEM Coupling Pockets
  • Length 79mm