SEUTHE 9 Smoke Unit for HO/OO (8-14v)

  • SEUTHE 9
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SEUTHE 9 Smoke Unit for HO/OO (8-14v)
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Product Description

Smoke generator which can be installed into locomotives to simulate real steam coming out of the chimney. These units can also be used for buildings to produce the effect of smoke from the chimney or a fire in the building. To apply the Smoke Fluid to the smoke unit we recommend the use of a Syringe as you will get a finer application.

For that really authentic coal smoke smell try using Living Steam by Deluxe Materials.


  • Smoke Unit
  • 10ml Bottle of Smoke Fluid
  • Instructions


  • VOLTAGE 8 - 14v
  • CURRENT DRAW 140ma


  • LENGTH 24mm
  • WIDTH 5mm