Gaugemaster GM880 Modern Double Head Adjustable Height Lamp (Value Pack)

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Product Description

A "Super Value pack" of 5 x finely scaled double-head (sylvania light module) station, carpark or road lamps. Two lamps also have an adjustable CCTV/speaker. Height adjustable. LED powered (Modern white light) Lamps. The Lamp posts are made from medical grade stainless steel tubing. Bases are ABS and feature al detail. Light control PCBs are included. Connection instructions on rear of each pack, with a PDF "tips" file also available online. Designed and created to 4mm scale (OO/EM/P4) however as lamp heads can vary in size in the real world and scale differences are very small they look fantastic on HO layouts too.

Do Not use a 16v AC supply for these lamps as they will blow.


  • Lamp Height: 100mm