Gaugemaster GM683 Soft Grip Craft Knife No.1 Set with 6 Blades

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Product Description

This craft knife comes complete with a soft grip handle which unscrews to grip and release the blades. The handle has been ergonomically designed so that it fits into the hand nicely and has a soft grip to give you extra comfort for longer use.

At the other end of the handle there is a small magnet which can be used to pick up the knife blades safely.

This pack contains everything you need for hobbies, crafts, and modelling including a small case to store the knife and blades.


  • 1 x Soft Grip Knife Handle with Magnetic End
  • 1 x No.10 Curved Blade
  • 1 x No.11 Classic Fine Point Blade
  • 1 x No.16 Scoring Blade
  • 1 x No.17 Chiselling Blade
  • 1 x No.67 Angled Chisel Blade
  • 1 x No.68 Stencil Edge Blade
  • 1 x Sleek Storage Case